Unlock the Power of Amazon DSP: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) advertising unlocks exclusive access to Amazon’s premium ad inventory and shopping signals, allowing advertisers to connect with high-intent audiences and drive measurable results. As e-commerce continues to boom, leveraging Amazon’s unparalleled reach is key for brands looking to boost awareness, increase sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through the AIDA framework – grabbing Attention, stimulating Interest, creating Desire, and driving Action – to successfully leverage Amazon DSP advertising. You’ll understand what Amazon DSP is, why it’s important, how to get started, and proven tips for maximizing campaign performance.

With insights from metrics-driven optimization to creative best practices, unlock the power of Amazon DSP advertising for your brand.



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Understanding Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a programmatic ad-buying platform that offers exclusive access to Amazon’s valuable shopper data and premium ad inventory. It enables advertisers to programmatically purchase display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon to reach their target audiences.

Unlike other demand-side platforms, Amazon DSP is directly integrated with Amazon’s wealth of shopping data and site traffic. This provides advertisers with proprietary insights into Amazon shoppers including purchase history, browsing behavior, and real-time intent signals.

With Amazon DSP, brands can buy ads on Amazon’s owned and operated properties such as Amazon.com, IMDb, and Twitch. Beyond Amazon’s sites, DSP also provides access to premium ad inventory on third-party websites and apps that are tracked by Amazon’s measurement and reach reporting tools.

There are three main types of ads available on Amazon DSP:

  • Display Ads: Images, banners, and other interactive display ad formats.
  • Video Ads: In-stream and out-stream video ads on Amazon sites as well as third-party video inventory.
  • Audio Ads: Streaming audio ads on music services and podcasts.

This range of ad formats provides flexibility to connect with audiences across devices and environments. While Amazon DSP Advertising offers a robust platform for your advertising needs, optimizing your PPC listings with FosterFBA’s PPC Listing Optimization service can give you an unbeatable edge.


Understanding Amazon DSP


Why Choose Amazon DSP?

There are several key reasons why Amazon DSP should be part of your programmatic advertising strategy:


Exclusive Insights and Shopping Signals

Amazon’s direct integration provides marketers with exclusive access to proprietary data on shopping patterns, purchase intent, product interactions and more – unavailable on any other platform. Leverage these rich insights to identify high-value customers and align campaign targeting.


Metrics-Based Decisions

Amazon DSP focuses on actionable performance metrics that matter, like cost-per-click and conversion rate. Combined with Amazon’s measurement tools, advertisers can optimize campaigns based on real shopping signals rather than vanity metrics like impressions.


Quality Standards and Brand Safety

Amazon DSP adheres to stringent policies around ad quality and brand safety. All ads are reviewed to meet Amazon’s standards, and inventory is filtered to avoid adjacency to inappropriate content. This ensures brand security for advertisers.

Additionally, Amazon DSP provides transparent pricing, support for automation, and access to Amazon’s premium ad inventory. The combination of exclusive shopper insights, measurement, and inventory make Amazon DSP a powerful advertising tool.


How to get started with Amazon DSP


Getting Started with Amazon DSP

Getting started with Amazon DSP involves a simple registration process and connecting your existing Amazon Ads account:


To get started with Amazon Ads, the first step is to register for an account. This can be done by visiting the website ads.amazon.com. Upon arrival, users will have the option to either sign in if they already have an existing Amazon Ads account or create a new one.

Creating a new Amazon Ads account is a straightforward process. Users will be prompted to provide their basic information such as name, email address, and password. Once these details are entered, an account will be created, and users can proceed to access the various advertising programs offered by Amazon.

Account Executive

When you start advertising with Amazon, depending on your campaign spending, you will be assigned an account executive who will assist you in getting set up and provide support by answering any questions you may have.

An account executive is a dedicated professional who serves as a point of contact between advertisers and Amazon. They are experienced in the advertising platform and have in-depth knowledge of the various tools and features available to help optimize your campaigns.

The role of an account executive is to guide you through the process of setting up your advertising campaigns. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations on targeting options, ad formats, and bidding strategies to maximize your ad performance. They can also assist with technical aspects such as tracking pixels and conversion tracking.

Service Options

When it comes to advertising on Amazon, advertisers have the flexibility to choose between two service options: self-service and managed-service.

The self-service option puts you in complete control of your advertising campaigns. With Amazon’s intuitive ad manager, you have the power to manage your own bidding, targeting, and optimization. This means you can set your own budget, choose the keywords and audience you want to target, and make adjustments to your campaigns as needed. The self-service option is ideal for advertisers who prefer a hands-on approach and want full control over their advertising strategy.

On the other hand, the managed-service option allows you to hand over the execution of your campaigns to Amazon’s team of experts. Based on your goals and objectives, Amazon’s team will take care of all aspects of your advertising campaigns across various ad formats. They will handle tasks such as keyword research, bid management, ad creation, and optimization. This option is suitable for advertisers who may not have the time or expertise to manage their campaigns themselves or who prefer to rely on Amazon’s team of professionals for campaign execution.

Whether launching a few campaigns or running a multi-million dollar ad spend, Amazon DSP provides the right level of service and support.


Amazon DSP for Sellers and Non-Sellers

A key benefit of Amazon DSP is that it’s available to both Amazon sellers and non-sellers alike.

For Amazon Sellers, DSP lets you extend your product reach beyond customers already on Amazon using off-site targeting. It also provides insight into your existing on-site traffic.

For Non-Sellers, Amazon DSP offers access to the powerful Amazon shopper audience. You can precision-target Amazon’s buyers based on their purchase history and intent signals.

So whether you currently sell on Amazon or are new to their ecosystem, Amazon DSP offers valuable ad inventory, data, and tools to help achieve your advertising goals. Many sellers struggle with scaling their DSP campaigns. That’s where FosterFBA’s PPC Scaling Training comes into play, offering you actionable strategies to grow your campaigns efficiently.


Cost Structure of Amazon DSP

As a programmatic platform, the cost structure of Amazon DSP is flexible and based onbids:


  •  When it comes to pricing, Amazon’s advertising platform operates on a pay-per-performance model. This means that advertisers only pay when their bid wins the ad auction and their ad is displayed to the target audience.For display and video ads, the pricing is typically based on a cost per mille (CPM) model. CPM refers to the cost per thousand impressions, where advertisers are charged for every one thousand times their ad is shown to users. The actual CPM rate can vary based on several factors, including the ad position, audience targeted, competition, and overall demand. Costs structure of Amazon DSP


  • For the self-service platform, there are no minimum campaign spend requirements. This means that advertisers have the flexibility to set their own budget and allocate funds according to their needs and goals. On the other hand, the managed service option has minimums that vary based on the services included. Managed service refers to working with an Amazon Advertising representative who helps plan, execute, and optimize your advertising campaigns. These representatives provide personalized support and expertise to help maximize your advertising performance.    The minimum spend requirements for managed service depend on the specific services and level of support you require. These minimums are typically in place to ensure that advertisers who opt for managed service receive the necessary attention and resources from Amazon’s advertising team. The exact minimums can vary and are determined based on factors such as campaign complexity, advertising goals, and expected level of support.


  • When it comes to running your own campaigns on Amazon’s advertising platform, you have the option to use the self-service feature. This means that you have full control over your campaigns and can manage them independently without the need for assistance from Amazon’s advertising team.One of the advantages of using the self-service option is that there are no additional fees beyond your cost per click or cost per conversion. This means that you only pay for the actual clicks or conversions generated by your ads, without any extra charges. This allows advertisers to have more control over their budget and ensures that they are only paying for the results they achieve.


  • For full-service campaign management, there are additional fees on top ofmedia cost ranging 15-25% depending on services. Management, optimization, reporting, andcreative services are all included.

Amazon DSP’s flexible cost structure and range of service options make it accessible for businesses of all sizes looking for self-serve or managed programmatic buying. Be sure to discuss budget needs with your account executive. While Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display have their merits, combining them with FosterFBA’s PPC Scaling Training can help you maximize your advertising ROI.


Creative Options in Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP offers several options for ad creative that help optimize engagement:

  • Custom Ads – You can upload your own existing display and video creative assets to use across campaigns. Amazon DSP supports all standard ad formats and specs.
  • Exclusive Templates – Take advantage of a suite of high-performing, custom-built templates exclusively available to Amazon DSP advertisers. Dynamic templates are available for multiple categories.
  • Ecommerce Creatives – For DSP advertisers that are Amazon sellers, you can easily generate product image and video ads leveraging your Amazon catalog.
  • Video Creative Builder – Quickly build customized video ads from your brand assets using the Video Builder directly in Amazon DSP. Ideal for social and connected TV.

Mastering Amazon DSP Advertising is just the first step in a journey towards e-commerce success. While DSP allows you to target and reach your ideal customers, the real magic happens when you optimize and scale those campaigns. That’s where FosterFBA comes in. Our PPC Listing Optimization service fine-tunes your product listings to maximize conversions, turning your ad clicks into sales. But we don’t stop there. With our PPC Scaling Training, we equip you with the strategies and insights you need to grow your campaigns efficiently, ensuring you get the most bang for your advertising buck. And if you’re looking to truly elevate your Amazon advertising game, consider leveraging our comprehensive Amazon Advertising Agency Services.




Measuring Campaign Performance

Amazon DSP provides robust reporting and analytics to accurately measure campaign performance:

  • Industry-Standard Metrics – Track common metrics like clicks, impressions, CTR, CPM, reach, frequency and more. Metrics can be broken down across various dimensions.
  • Amazon-Proprietary Metrics – Leverage Amazon’s proprietary shopper metrics unavailable elsewhere like clicks/orders on Amazon, sales attributed to ads, and brand lift.
  • Granular Analysis – Evaluate performance by placement, device, creative, audience, frequency, time of day, geography and other factors to uncover optimization opportunities.
  • Measurement Partners – Connect third-party measurement solutions like Nielsen, Comscore, and Oracle to enrich insights into brand awareness, site traffic, offline sales, and ROI.
  • Automated Optimization – Use performance and shopping data to automatically optimize bids and budgets. Machine learning capabilities help improve results over time.
  • Unified Reporting – Consolidate data across paid search, display, and video campaigns for holistic analysis and measurement.

With ubiquitous measurement capabilities across every stage of the purchase funnel, Amazon DSP enables advertisers to continually refine strategy for better results.


Amazon DSP vs. Sponsored Display

Amazon DSP vs. Sponsored Display: Which Advertising Solution is Right for You?

When it comes to advertising on Amazon, there are two powerful options to consider: Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) and Sponsored Display. Both solutions offer unique features and benefits, but understanding the differences can help you make an informed decision for your advertising strategy.

Amazon DSP

This is a programmatic advertising platform that allows advertisers to reach their target audience both on and off Amazon. With advanced targeting options and real-time bidding, it offers a comprehensive approach to advertising. This makes it an ideal choice for brands looking to expand their reach beyond Amazon’s platform and increase brand awareness.

Sponsored Display

On the other hand, Sponsored Display is a self-service advertising solution that allows advertisers to promote their products directly on Amazon. It provides a simplified approach, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to get started and drive sales on the platform. Sponsored Display ads appear on product detail pages, customer reviews, and in search results, making it an effective solution for increasing visibility and driving sales within the Amazon ecosystem.


 Courses and Certifications of Amazon DSP


Courses and Certifications

To gain expertise in leveraging Amazon DSP, the Amazon Advertising training hub offers several free courses and certifications:

  • DSP Foundations Course – Covers core capabilities, functions, and strategies for utilizing Amazon DSP effectively.
  • Advanced DSP Certification – Provides in-depth training on optimizing campaign performance and advanced advertising tactics.

Continuous learning is key to fully capitalize on Amazon DSP’s capabilities amidst constant platform updates. Be sure to tap into Amazon’s robust educational resources.



Amazon DSP is an invaluable platform for unlocking Amazon’s coveted shopper audience, leveraging real-time shopping signals, and driving measurable results across the purchase funnel. Through an effective combination of targeting, creative, measurement and optimization, Amazon DSP grants brands the tools for advertising success.

To recap, here are the key steps covered in our AIDA framework:

  • Attention – Utilize Amazon DSP’s various ad formats and premium inventory to connect with your target shoppers.
  • Interest – Leverage Amazon’s exclusive audience insights to fine-tune targeting and create relevant messaging.
  • Desire – Develop compelling ad creative tailored to shopping behaviors and intent signals.
  • Action – Continuously optimize based on robust analytics and proprietary Amazon metrics.

By providing unmatched shopper data, flexible buying options, seamless measurement, and clear ROI, Amazon DSP delivers exceptional value at every stage. Partner with Amazon’s team of experts to unlock the full potential of Amazon DSP for your brand today.

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What is a DSP (Demand-Side Platform)?

A DSP is an ad technology platform that provides centralized media buying from multiple sources, enabling automated targeted ad placement. DSPs offer efficiency, insights, and optimization capabilities.


What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising leverages automation and data to buy and sell digital advertising inventory. Instead of manual RFPs, programmatic optimizes campaigns in real-time using algorithms.


Can I Use Amazon DSP If I Don’t Sell Products on Amazon?

Yes. Amazon DSP is available to advertisers whether they are Amazon sellers or not. Non-sellers can still target Amazon audiences and optimize based on shopping data.


What Ads Can I Buy Through Amazon DSP?

Through Amazon DSP, you can buy a variety of ad formats to reach your target audience both on and off Amazon. These include display ads, video ads, and audio ads. Display ads can be in the form of banners, interstitials, or native ads. Video ads can be in-stream or out-stream, appearing within or outside of video content. Audio ads are available for streaming services. With Amazon DSP, you have the flexibility to choose the ad format that best suits your advertising goals and engage with your audience across different channels and devices.

How Much Does Amazon DSP Cost?

Amazon DSP pricing is flexible and based on winning ad auction bids rather than fixed costs. Both self-serve and managed-service options are available to fit different business needs and budgets.


Do I Need to Create My Own Ads?

No. While you can use your existing creative, Amazon DSP also provides pre-made templates, an ecommerce catalog builder, and video creative builder to help generate ads.