Super URL


What is an Amazon Super URL?


If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you have probably heard about the Amazon Super URL.

Let’s start with that this is. In a nutshell, the Amazon Super URL is simply a link that tells Amazon’s A10 algorithm that a customer searched for your product “organically” by typing in keywords in their amazon search bar.


How does this help?


Well, for one it tells Amazon that customers found your product the most relevant for the keywords that they presumably typed but instead they actually just clicked on a special URL that had the keywords you wanted to rank for embedded into it.


With great power comes great responsibility


Smart right? Well it’s a hack and it may not last long, we’re kind of operating on the fringes here and should only use this strategy to quickly leap frog your competition when launching new products but then switch to normal SEO strategies like keyword optimization, listing optimization etc.


How do we use the Super URL on Amazon? 


That’s the thing, you don’t. This URL is not meant to be actually used on amazon – it’s meant to be used as a link you have customers outside of Amazon click on to bring them to your listing. This is perfect for driving say paid FB traffic using a promo or advertising to high converting landing pages (we recommend AMZPromoter to do this).




Since we’re in the testing phases we’re providing the Super URL tool to you for FREE for now and plan to make it paid later. We hope you get super value from it!


Just enter the following below and we will email the Amazon Super URL to you:

  • Your product (ASIN)
  • The keywords you want to rank for (example: “facial peel” )
  • Your Email ID

And your off to the races – start ranking for them today! Let us know how it goes here.


**Please note this tool only support’s Amazon US Marketplace currently, we plan to add more marketplaces in the future!

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