How to Quickly Rank on Page 1 of Amazon

Amazon SEO: How to Rank on Page 1 of Amazon’s Marketplace

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In this article, you are going to learn how to stop competing with hundreds of sellers and instead, rank quickly on the first page for your product type so the sales come to you! I’ll show you the perfect strategy for driving traffic to your product to quickly stack sales & reviews.


Before diving into the strategy, we first need to understand a little about Amazon’s algorithm.


The Secret to understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm


Amazon is constantly changing their TOS (“Terms of Service”) to make it harder and harder to launch & rank a product on page 1. Traditional methods like asking for incentivized reviews are not working anymore. In fact, Amazon has banned this approach and likened it to fake sales, fake reviews and fake customers! This does NOT work anymore.


Amazon is asking sellers to re-invent themselves and they want to see REAL marketing practices rewarded with higher rankings. So how can we succeed? It comes down to understanding Amazon’s new a9 algorithm.

How does an algorithm work? It’s based on the data it can find on your product. How much data can Amazon find on a new product? Virtually nothing of use in the beginning. This is why you need a marketing system for your product launch. You need to “serve up” the data that the algorithm needs, in order to rank you well for the terms you are targeting.


Now, if giveaways and fake sales don’t work to get you ranked, where does that leave us? Real sales.


So how can we launch products to have them rank quickly, easily and profitably?


Answer: AOV – “Average order value”


In general, Amazon’s ranking algorithm works on the following 2 main factors:
  1. Sales Momentum – Amount of sales made in the recent past
  2. Conversion Rate (i.e unit session percentage) – % of people that come to your listing and buy


Most people have a basic understanding of sales momentum but at a deeper level, Amazon looks at sales momentum as the actual number of units that are sold and the net $$$ amount moved per order. Similarly the conversion rate is actually based on the number of units bought.


For example:
Joe sells 1 unit of his listing for $100 to 10 customers (AOV = $100)
Now, Jane sells 10 units of a similar product to 1 customer for the same sales total (AOV = $1000)
Which is easier to do, sell to 10 customers or sell to 1 customer?


Amazon rewards maximization of “Average order value” for your listing. This is the KEY!


In summary:
  1. Maximize your Average Order Value
  2. You need to get customers to spend as much money as possible in each order
  3. The more you do that per order, the better your ranking will be!


If you can figure out a way to move more than 1 unit per order to your customers, Amazon will move you up the ranks very quickly.


So what’s our secret sauce to doing this? I’ll spill the beans…


It’s a combination of 2 things that are done in TANDEM:
  1. Driving Traffic from outside Amazon to your product via a coupon funnel (using AMZPromoter & FB Ads)
  2. Driving Traffic within Amazon to your product based on keywords (using Amazon PPC)


Amazon Ranking using a Coupon Funnel


A coupon funnel is simply a lead generation tool that provides a discount coupon (we recommend at least 80% based on our case studies but it’s up to you) to a potential buyer to entice them to purchase your product.

The tool we love and use to start driving external traffic outside Amazon to your product listing is AMZPromoter. Using a coupon funnel software has been known to increase conversion rates significantly. We recommend using AMZPromoter to build your quick, simple & effective coupon sales funnel. We use it inside our business and love how simple, easy and quick it is to create an attractive looking sales funnel that also integrates with free email software like Mailchimp. It takes no more than 5 minutes to setup and you can soon after start driving paid traffic using Facebook to that coupon funnel which in turn capture their email as well as send them to your listing.


The advantage of using AMZPromoter is two-fold:
  • You can drive traffic using your OWN terms – i.e. through FB advertising, pinterest, posting in forums, etc (you are not bound by who Amazon shows your listing to on the marketplace)
  • You can capture potential customer emails into your own mail service account (we recommend Mailchimp as it’s free to start with) – this is HUGE because you can now follow up email your email list with discounts, promos and whenever you launch new products.


Since we have partnered with AMZPromoter, you can sign up for your FREE EXTENDED 30-day exclusive trial here to try them out! If you don’t like it, cancel the trial at any time before the free trial ends. Also, make sure to provide some type of coupon discount (65% or more seems to work best from our case studies) on your promotion to entice potential customers to buy multiple units per order for your new product.


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need a simple but effective FB ad to drive paid traffic to your coupon funnel.
All you’ll need is Canva to create a attention grabbing image with the right text showcasing your product and your limited time offer. We typically use the following format but feel free to improvise! ?


rank on amazon


You’ll see the addition of the “Amazon Prime” and the “5 stars” images – this is to add the trust factor that Amazon has in the eyes of customers. Someone seeing this ad pop up on their Facebook feed would immediately trust the destination if they clicked on this ad as they know and trust Amazon. That coupled with the right discount offer and you are sure to have a winning conversion on your paid Ad.


If you can construct your discount offer to entice a lead to buy more than 1 unit to claim the offer, then you are also maximizing your AOV (Average Order Value). As we now know that it is a key factor in ranking high.


If you are using a Super URL in your AMZPromoter coupon funnel then you are getting customers to click on a special link where they “search” for your link for keywords you are trying to rank for without actually typing those keywords in the Amazon Search bar. This improves your CTR (Click Through Rate). Use our free Amazon Super URL tool to generate your keyword powered link.


Amazon PPC


We also definitely recommend running Amazon’s PPC advertising campaign for your keywords at the same time, so that it further juices your BSR (best seller rank). If you are new to it – not to worry, I recently recorded a free strategy packed PPC Case Study video where we share the 3-Step Blueprint That Took a 6 Figure Amazon Seller  to $250,000 in Monthly Revenue in 30 Days, that you can implement TODAY in just a few hours
These are solid strategies that have brought results like below…
PPC Testimonial

Amazon PPC Screenshot

Watch the free PPC Case Study here before it’s taken offline.
Both of these strategies combined and you are sure to quickly make sales and get to page 1 for your niche in no time.
I hope you get immense value from it and make a LOT of sales. Don’t forget to tell me how your marketing efforts went! 🙂

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