Amazon Virtual Assistants

FosterFBA provides monthly Unlimited Task Support in addition to it’s on-demand services. Upon signing up to any of our plans, you get access to an army of remote Amazon Specialists that can perform unlimited support tasks for your Amazon FBA business, with only one restriction that the task take no longer than 30 minutes to complete at any given time.

If a task takes longer than 30 minutes, we will deem it necessary for you to upgrade to a plan to incorporates a dedicated Listing Adviser for your product so that more time intensive tasks can be handled as well. All you would need to do is a be a paying subscriber and then just email in your task details and someone would pick it up within the response time allocated within your plan’s details.

Below are some example Amazon tasks that our remote specialists can handle for you.

30 Minute Amazon Support Tasks



  • Check for Hijackers & Notify
  • Send cease and desist email to Hijacker seller
  • Report Hijacker to Amazon

Customer Service


  • Respond to latest Seller Central messages
  • Monitor Seller feedback and apply for removal/strike out where applicable
  • Respond to latest negative or low star reviews



  • Recommend Listing Improvements to Amazon Listing
  • Recommend improvements to the product based on customers feedback
  • Recommend Amazon SEO improvements
  • Recommend best service to use



  • Improve Listing Title, bullets or description
  • Add HTML to product description
  • Add HTML to product bullets
  • Check if top 10 keywords are being indexed

Graphic Design


  • Help remove background from image
  • Find best label designer to use
  • Find best logo design service
  • Create Promotional photo design using Canva



  • Post Coupon Codes in Facebook Group of choice
  • Provide high level marketing strategy to promote
  • Research Brand Names

This list should give you a good idea of the tasks you can request be done for your Amazon business as part of your unlimited task support plan. If you had any questions please make sure to contact us.