Amazon FBA And Why It’s Awesome! – [Day 2 of 7] How To Find & Launch A Profitable Product On Amazon

Day 2 – Amazon FBA and why it’s awesome!

Reading Time: 12 Minutes
Timeline Goal: By the end of Day 2 you will have gained a solid understanding of the Amazon FBA business model
Notes: All resources and links mentioned will also be made available at the end, so you don’t have to worry about missing it if you do.



Amazon FBA

One of Jeff Bezos’s brainchild in early 2015 was the “Fulfilled-By-Amazon” service and it has been the “one ring too rule them all” (Lord of Rings fans?;)) business models that we at FosterFBA just love. This is what sets apart a successful new amazon seller from an amateur.

Haven’t seen it? Here’s what to look for in a listing to check if the Seller is using Amazon FBA:




What’s so cool about being part of the FBA model? Off the top, it allows your product to be eligible for Amazon’s PRIME program and their 90 Million Amazon Prime subscribers (as of Sept 2017)! Amazon essentially advertises your product to their most LOYAL subscriber-base. These are customers that believe in everything Amazon puts out and buys product that interests them without hesitation and love getting it with their FREE 2 day shipping being part of the PRIME family. That’s huge!


Wait…it gets better. As part of FBA, Amazon also stores your product inventory for you and becomes your fulfillment service! Yep, you can forget about cramming it into the back of your garage or your 2nd bedroom.


How It Works In A Nutshell


  • You work out a deal with a supplier (local or overseas) that will manufacture your product for you
  • If working with local manufacturers, you create a shipment inside Amazon Seller Central, and email your labels to your manufacturer to put on your product. The manufacturer will send your inventory to the assigned Amazon FBA warehouses
  • If working with overseas manufacturers, search & hire a good Freight Forwarder to arrange everything for you for a small fee (no headaches than if you tried to intervene)
  • Amazon receives your product at one or multiple of their warehouses and updates your inventory
  • Customer finds and purchases your product(s) on
  • Upon purchase, Amazon finds your product within its warehouses, packages it up, and sends it to the buyer all on your behalf!
  • If the customer has any questions on the product, Amazon’s customer service team makes itself available to the customer on your behalf!


Have you heard of another business model that stores your own inventory, packages/ships and takes care of customer service for you? We haven’t. This is what has helped many sellers get to 6 figures online (even more) within a year and allowed them the ability to “scale up” without getting offices, employees, or storage space.
Sellers with a computer and access to the internet could run a successful Amazon FBA business selling products they loved from anywhere in the world.


Crucially, being part of the Amazon FBA program also meant that sellers could win the “buy-box”.




This is a fantastic feature and gives you insane exposure to customers as Amazon features your listing under “Other Sellers on Amazon” for a product that’s similar to yours. Here’s what that would look like –

Amazon Buy Box

If you didn’t win the buy-box, it’s typically harder for a buyer to find your product unless it’s properly optimized for keywords and uses killer sales copy with high-converting images. BUT DON’T WORRY, in the next couple of lessons we’ll get into how to set yourself up to win in ALL these areas and even have our team available to help fast track the process.


Finally, take our word for it and start right by choosing the Amazon’s FBA service for your 1st or even 10th product. You’ll thank us later! ?


Hope you’re excited and got your thinking juices flowing. In the next lesson tomorrow, we’ll go through in depth how to research a profitable product to sell before even purchasing from the supplier.


See you in tomorrow’s lesson on researching a profitable product to sell!


Jacob @ Team FosterFBA



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