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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mentorship are you offering?

We’ve partnered with Bashar Katou, an expert Amazon FBA seller with multiple 6 figure products who resides in San Diego, California. You get access to his personal number & his closed FB mastermind group,  so that you could get answered any burning question you had within your business or if you just needed someone to brainstorm your ideas with. This person would be separate from your listing advisor but would be a mentor you could lean on when needed, all conveniently included within your monthly plan! Expert consultants sometimes charge $200+ for 30 minutes or an hour consultation, you can get access to an expert for as low as $3.2 per day! Yes that’s less than a cup of coffee for personal 24.7 access to an expert to help nurture and scale your business.

Learn more about Bashar and what’s in store for you here.

What does my Listing Advisor do?

Your dedicated listing Advisor will review of all the market & keyword research for you as well as ensure your listing is completely optimized for conversion. Every month, your Advisor will review your listing and let you know if any improvements can be made.

In the gold and platinum memberships, your dedicated Advisor will also have a PPC expert set up your PPC campaign and regularly monitor your campaign every week. Imagine what it would be to have your PPC Campaigns powered by our extensive keyword & competitor research. You buy the ads and we handle all the setup and ongoing optimization for you to ensure we drive down your (ACoS) Average Cost of Sale.

Learn more about what a Dedicated Listing Advisor can do for you here!

What if I just want your one-time Listing Optimization or Keyword packages?

Yes, we still offer our individual Listing Optimization & Keyword Research packages, check our pricing page for details.

I have more than 3 listings, can you support me?

Definitely, just contact us for more information on our custom plans.

I just want PPC Campaign management, is that possible?

Sure we offer that as a custom monthly plan. Just contact us and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your listing, your goals and set you up with a custom PPC management only membership.

Do you have an affiliate program that I can promote?

Yes definitely, we do. You can check out our very lucrative affiliate program for more details.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely, we’re confident that you’ll grow with us on this journey to seller success, which is why all of our FosterLabs memberships come with a 30 day initial trial period at a lower fee that’s completely risk-free and refundable, if you do not feel like you got value from it. Just send us an email at within 30 days of your registration and we’ll refund your trial fee and ensure you do not get charged after that.

Need A Custom Plan?

Just contact us if you need a customized plan for larger scale account management or dedicated account managers.


We’re offering a 20% discount on all our Annual plans, just contact us and we’ll get you setup!

Annual Silver Plan (after discount) = $78 per month effectively

Annual Gold Plan (after discount) = $397 per month effectively

Annual Platinum Plan (after discount) = $797 per month effectively

  • Thanks FosterFBA! I feel confident about my ability to launch Amazon products successfully armed with this sequence...I am eternally grateful.

    Kathy Dehaan Amazon Private Label Seller
  • Optimizing product listing was a specialized task which we did not realize until opted for FosterFBA’s services. The benefits are phenomenal. One time investment but returns are recurring.

    Marsha Wilson Amazon Private Label Seller
  • FosterFBA has made a significant difference to my Amazon business through product optimization. I have experienced substantial (more than 150%) increase in my sales figures after optimization, which is pretty remarkable.

    Cecil Rivers Amazon Private Label Seller
  • FosterFBA's PPC management service has saved me so much time & money. If you are looking to scale your SKU sales profitably, then I highly recommend this service!

    Kevin Clark FosterLabs Gold Member
  • FosterFBA's PPC KW Reports has saved me so much time & money on my campaigns. I no longer have to go through the trial & error rigamor. I am now looking to scale up with their full PPC management service. I highly recommend this product!

    Kevin Clark Private Label Seller & Dad

Get Access to your own remote Amazon Team & Mentor for a low monthly fee and start #CRUSHING it.

Over the last 2 years we’ve helped 1000’s of sellers like you in growing their Amazon business through our Keyword Research & Listing Optimization services. Through this journey, we’ve learned a lot and now we’re excited to make our team available to you 24/7 so that you can build a solid business and get the time to focus on what matters most to you.


Our FosterFBA support team & listing advisers comprises of expert assistants, PPC experts, project managers, sales copywriters and ex-seller freelancers across the world who’s mission is to take ad-hoc or repetitive tasks off your hands, saving you countless hours of effort so that you can focus on the long term growth of your store. Our dedicated listing advisers have access to our proprietary tools & methods so that they can help you best and identify opportunities for constant improvement.

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